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LeeAnn's Sacred Letters are inspired messages from the Light, published bi-monthly for those seeking higher awareness & divine hope.


  • “LeeAnn has created a community of loving and conscious-minded people who are connected deeply through their desire to bring more hope, love, and compassion to the world.It’s uplifting to come together as a group, listen to LeeAnn’s Divine messages of inspiration, and gain higher wisdom of the awakenings and collective awareness coming to Earth.”

    — TERRI ALLEN , Reiki & AromaTouch Practitioner, Group Fitness Instructor, Cancer Recovery Wellness Coach.
  • “LeeAnn is a powerful teacher, supportive mentor, and guide. Because she is so connected to the Divine, her guidance is clear, concise, and deeply meaningful and always brings me great comfort. She helps me understand my life circumstances, and more importantly, my life purpose in very practical and insightful ways. She has helped me grow into greater hope and knowing so that I can continue on my path with courage and love. I would highly recommend LeeAnn to anyone who wants to develop a relationship with the Divine so they can be more connected and confident on theirlife journey. LeeAnn will always be a part of my life schooling.”

    –TERRI ALLEN, Reiki & AromaTouch Practitioner, Group Fitness Instructor, Cancer Recovery Wellness Coach.
  • "LeeAnn is actually living life fully immersed in and guided by Divine love.  As such, she generously and with grace opens her experience to her students demonstrating to us how we each, as perceived flawed humans, can open ourselves and welcome in Divine guidance and inspiration to our everyday lives.

    She encourages the individual to embrace the Divine and provides methods and opportunities to experience our own interaction with God, fully supported by her and community.  There is no pressure to perform at a particular level, only welcoming joy at each effort.  She has ignited Hope in my heart, (and thus further motivation), and joyous thanksgiving that I too am creating a solid, meaningful, and productive relationship with God."

    Diane Andrus, CA Spiritual Apprentice and Artist
  • "I have been mentoring with LeeAnn for 2 years and I can honestly say she has changed my life. Although I knew I had a connection with Spirit myself and received messages, I did not what to call it or how to really hear them until I started to work with LeeAnn. She is truly gifted and would amaze me week after week with the information she received from Spirit which often matched what I already knew to be true in my heart.  In my times of profound heartache, confusion and uncertainty, she provided clarity, direction and hope.

    She has been instrumental in my healing process and has launched me on a spiritual path that has brought me an inner peace I never thought I'd have. I've referred her to so many friends and every one of them had raved about working with her. The world is lucky to have such an incredible woman sharing her gifts with others."

    Dina Strada, CA Event Planner, Writer at Dreamworks
  • "LeeAnn Taylor brought me closer to knowing God and the spirit world than my entire 50 years of formal religious education. She taught me how to communicate with the Divine on a level I never knew existed. She opened my eyes to the abundant spiritual help that we can all access, simply by being open to what’s beyond the Veil. My life has changed astronomically for the better because of LeeAnn Taylor sharing with me the simple truths about the Divine, Heaven, Angels, Spirit Guides, the Soul, and beyond. I am forever grateful to her for sharing her gifts with me, and blessed to have the ability to personally learn from one of God's messengers in the world today."

    Janine Jones, CA Non-Profit Fundraiser and Community Activist
  • "LeeAnn  Taylor is a true spiritual guide, as she combines her own challenging life experiences with direct knowledge from the Divine realm to encourage and heart-fully care for her clients and apprentices.  She has the gift of holding space as you work through deep wound work or are ready to set your Spirit free to Soar. We have worked together for over 6 years and I can speak with experience, that you will be met with love, hope and compassion in her divine feminine presence."

  • "LeeAnn has the gift of sight beyond the physical world.  With her grace and powerful intuition she lovingly transcends the veil between the physical and spiritual realm to bring messages of hope, clarity and peace.  LeeAnn masterfully mentors those who wish to develop their own spiritual gifts of communication with a higher realm.  When LeeAnn is presenting, it feels as though she is floating.... rising above the ground to unite with the angels she so sweetly connects with to bring messages of love, guidance and of course my favorite.... JOY!  If you haven't experienced LeeAnn in a live session, I highly recommend you give yourself this gift.  Simply being in her presence is to know grace.  I'm honored to have her presence in my life."

    Sheri Joi, UT Cheerleader for the Soul, Founder of Redefining Joy

My Story

I am an author, filmmaker and spiritual artist. I have beautiful children and an incredible husband. From the outside, my life may seem enviable. But for twelve years, I lived a life no one would want.

That life began when my first son was born with a major disability. By the time I was twenty-six years old, three of my four children had been diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome—a genetic disorder manifesting in significant mental impairment, autism and a host of behavioral challenges.

There is no cure. All of my life’s dreams and hopes were completely shattered. As full-time care-giver to my children with special needs, I worked around the clock to meet the demands of their often destructive, intensive behaviors in a locked-up home environment that felt like a prison. For twelve years, I existed in an impossible 24-hour cycle of diaper changes, feedings, behaviors, doctor’s visits, meetings, frantic days and sleepless nights.


The Fragile Face of God

“LeeAnn Taylor has a way of getting to the spirit of the matter. There is so much raw emotion in the story, The Fragile Face of God, it’s not just a story for those with loved ones with disabilities. It’s a story for anyone who has faced difficulty, felt like they were on the brink of disaster, or wondered if there was more to life than what exists between birth and death. Her story may be fantastic, but LeeAnn is for real. And the real beauty of this story is that she lives and strives to share it, strengthening and inspiring all who read it.” — Anna Crowe, mother & business owner

“Occasionally, we have the rare privilege to have an intimate glimpse into the life of another and learn sublime truths through experiences we have no business knowing. The Fragile Face of God is such a rare glimpse. LeeAnn Taylor has captured the essence of what it means to be a human being in this engaging and heart-rending account. In the generosity of her story, LeeAnn shows that adversity can create the context for beauty, and that hardship can lead to profound realizations of the meaning of life.” — Paul H. Jenkins, Ph.D., Live On Purpose Radio

“In this simply written and heart-felt story, Taylor emerges as a sensitive, compassionate woman whose burdens have been far worse than those most of us will ever face. Through it all she loved all her children and recognized the many strange and unexpected gifts of disabled children. And she allowed her mother’s spirit to continually guide her toward a healthier direction in life. Taylor’s balanced outlook is remarkable given her trials. And whether or not you share her brand of spirituality, her love of family and the way she constantly sought solutions to her huge problems is moving.” — VIV Magazine