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Connect with the
Divine for Greater
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My mission is to serve as an active messenger.
I am a leader and healer to spiritual
seekers of enlightenment.

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The Fragile Face of God

LeeAnn Taylor’s true account opens with an urgent prayer for death. With unrelenting honesty, she describes her harrowing battles raising three children with Fragile X syndrome, and the frightening episodes with her disabled sons. When her ordeal escalates, she turns to death as her only escape.

Can our darkest hour give rise to miracles? And can departed loved ones intervene on our behalf? Chronicled by her journal entries, The Fragile Face of God is LeeAnn Taylor’s luminous story of one woman’s tragic descent into the darkness, and, ultimately, her triumphant emergence into the light of redeeming love. It is a celebration of humanity—both the fragile and the sublime—and an intimate view into what makes our journey here one of purpose and eternal significance.

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  • “LeeAnn has created a community of loving and conscious-minded people who are connected deeply through their desire to bring more hope, love, and compassion to the world.It’s uplifting to come together as a group, listen to LeeAnn’s Divine messages of inspiration, and gain higher wisdom of the awakenings and collective awareness coming to Earth.”

    — TERRI ALLEN , Reiki & AromaTouch Practitioner, Group Fitness Instructor, Cancer Recovery Wellness Coach.
  • “LeeAnn is a powerful teacher, supportive mentor, and guide. Because she is so connected to the Divine, her guidance is clear, concise, and deeply meaningful and always brings me great comfort. She helps me understand my life circumstances, and more importantly, my life purpose in very practical and insightful ways. She has helped me grow into greater hope and knowing so that I can continue on my path with courage and love. I would highly recommend LeeAnn to anyone who wants to develop a relationship with the Divine so they can be more connected and confident on theirlife journey. LeeAnn will always be a part of my life schooling.”

    –TERRI ALLEN, Reiki & AromaTouch Practitioner, Group Fitness Instructor, Cancer Recovery Wellness Coach.
  • “LeeAnn is actually living life fully immersed in and guided by Divine love.  As such, she generously and with grace opens her experience to her students demonstrating to us how we each, as perceived flawed humans, can open ourselves and welcome in Divine guidance and inspiration to our everyday lives.

    She encourages the individual to embrace the Divine and provides methods and opportunities to experience our own interaction with God, fully supported by her and community.  There is no pressure to perform at a particular level, only welcoming joy at each effort.  She has ignited Hope in my heart, (and thus further motivation), and joyous thanksgiving that I too am creating a solid, meaningful, and productive relationship with God.”

    Diane Andrus, CA Spiritual Apprentice and Artist
  • “I have been mentoring with LeeAnn for 2 years and I can honestly say she has changed my life. Although I knew I had a connection with Spirit myself and received messages, I did not what to call it or how to really hear them until I started to work with LeeAnn. She is truly gifted and would amaze me week after week with the information she received from Spirit which often matched what I already knew to be true in my heart.  In my times of profound heartache, confusion and uncertainty, she provided clarity, direction and hope.

    She has been instrumental in my healing process and has launched me on a spiritual path that has brought me an inner peace I never thought I’d have. I’ve referred her to so many friends and every one of them had raved about working with her. The world is lucky to have such an incredible woman sharing her gifts with others.”

    Dina Strada, CA Event Planner, Writer at Dreamworks
  • “LeeAnn Taylor brought me closer to knowing God and the spirit world than my entire 50 years of formal religious education. She taught me how to communicate with the Divine on a level I never knew existed. She opened my eyes to the abundant spiritual help that we can all access, simply by being open to what’s beyond the Veil. My life has changed astronomically for the better because of LeeAnn Taylor sharing with me the simple truths about the Divine, Heaven, Angels, Spirit Guides, the Soul, and beyond. I am forever grateful to her for sharing her gifts with me, and blessed to have the ability to personally learn from one of God’s messengers in the world today.”

    Janine Jones, CA Non-Profit Fundraiser and Community Activist
  • “LeeAnn  Taylor is a true spiritual guide, as she combines her own challenging life experiences with direct knowledge from the Divine realm to encourage and heart-fully care for her clients and apprentices.  She has the gift of holding space as you work through deep wound work or are ready to set your Spirit free to Soar. We have worked together for over 6 years and I can speak with experience, that you will be met with love, hope and compassion in her divine feminine presence.”

  • “LeeAnn has the gift of sight beyond the physical world.  With her grace and powerful intuition she lovingly transcends the veil between the physical and spiritual realm to bring messages of hope, clarity and peace.  LeeAnn masterfully mentors those who wish to develop their own spiritual gifts of communication with a higher realm.  When LeeAnn is presenting, it feels as though she is floating…. rising above the ground to unite with the angels she so sweetly connects with to bring messages of love, guidance and of course my favorite…. JOY!  If you haven’t experienced LeeAnn in a live session, I highly recommend you give yourself this gift.  Simply being in her presence is to know grace.  I’m honored to have her presence in my life.”

    Sheri Joi, UT Cheerleader for the Soul, Founder of Redefining Joy

My Story

By the time I was 26 years old, I was the mother of four children. Three of them were diagnosed with autism and Fragile X syndrome—the most common form of inherited intellectual disability, a gene I tragically learned I carried. There is no cure.

My two sons, Quinn and Shale, suffered the most profound cognitive impairment, never developing speech or toilet training, and both became very aggressive and self-injurious. My youngest daughter, Faith, was cognitively impaired as well, yet eventually developed speech, reading, writing, and toilet training. Her deficits manifested in debilitating shyness, emotional sensitivities, and delayed academic development. I saw my children struggle to perform even the simplest tasks. I could feel their pain and overwhelming frustrations. I experienced the stinging remarks of strangers every time I went out in public with them. Nothing had prepared me for the role of full-time caregiver to these special children. My oldest daughter, Jaede, although typically developing, struggled to find her place in our unusual family and in the world around her. Through it all, I felt searing shame. I believed I was a failure as a mother.