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My Story

Extraordinary Journey

Shale newborn Fragile 12By the time I was 26 years old, I was the mother of four children. Three of them were diagnosed with autism and Fragile X syndrome—the most common form of inherited intellectual disability, a gene I tragically learned I carried. There is no cure.

My two sons, Quinn and Shale, suffered the most profound cognitive impairment, never developing speech or toilet training, and both became very aggressive and self-injurious. My youngest daughter, Faith, was cognitively impaired as well, yet eventually developed speech, reading, writing, and toilet training. Her deficits manifested in debilitating shyness, emotional sensitivities, and delayed academic development. I saw my children struggle to perform even the simplest tasks. I could feel their pain and overwhelming frustrations. I experienced the stinging remarks of strangers every time I went out in public with them. Nothing had prepared me for the role of full-time caregiver to these special children. My oldest daughter, Jaede, although typically developing, struggled to find her place in our unusual family and in the world around her. Through it all, I felt searing shame. I believed I was a failure as a mother.

Three and a half years after Faith was born, ironically after my husband’s vasectomy, I gave birth to Psalm—a surprise daughter who did not carry the devastating gene. Psalm’s birth awakened in me a new realization- I could experience the triumphant and the tragic of my life all at once. I understood that the majestic and the fragile exist simultaneously – side-by-side. The veil between Earth and Heaven grew virtually transparent.

Over the years my sons’ behaviors continued to escalate dramatically, erupting in daily physical attacks. They were remote and unreachable, obscured behind the curtain of their intellectual impairment. No matter the magnitude of our efforts, they required a level of care so profound we could not provide it. Our lives were broken and miserable and I watched my family wilt under the extraordinary burden. Life was about survival. I no longer recognized the woman staring back at me in the mirror; she was only 33 years old, yet utterly depleted. Even my marriage was left without a pulse. With no remedy in sight, I began praying for death. I felt it was my only way out. Our family entered crisis mode. As a turbulent plea, we abandoned our sons—Shale a mere nine-and-a-half was left at a respite provider’s home, and Quinn not yet 12 years old was dropped off at a care facility. Immediately, the police were summoned and our sons were taken from place to place for days. Practically every agency in the state stepped in. Overnight everything in our lives changed. It was unspeakably agonizing.

After a heart-wrenching process, Quinn and Shale were placed in two professional parent homes in long-term foster care where they would remain permanently. They were assigned agencies to provide substantial support and resources. I would meet with the state court twice a year to give updates on their care. I would still be their mother and an integral part of their lives, but  it was the most painful thing I had ever done. Ultimately, my love for Quinn and Shale was more eternal than any separation.


Miracle Beyond The Veil

My marriage ended and our family was splintered. One year later, my mother who had died in my early childhood broke through the veil in a powerful visitation. She shared with me this truth about my sons:

“You showed the ultimate love for them when you gave them up; it was best for them. Because it was so painful for you, it was the true test of love. Quinn and Shale were best friends in their former spirit life. They desired to come into mortality together in the same family line. They were highly evolved beings and had accomplished much of their spiritual progress before being born. They chose their afflictions, their specific disabilities. You, too, chose to bear those afflictions in caring for them. YOUR SONS ARE EMISSARIES, SENT TO MORTALITY TO TEACH OTHERS COMPASSION.”

She then left me with this promise: “Your work with your sons is not finished, LeeAnn. You will yet have the opportunity to fulfill a sacred work together.”

Dan-and-LeeAnn-3-of-3In the years that followed this astonishing visitation with my mother’s spirit, I sent daily messages to Quinn and Shale through my prayers—the deepest love and yearnings from my heart to theirs, never anticipating a response. Then one day after seven years, Quinn and Shale answered back—a dialogue with the spirits of both my sons who have been non-communicative since birth. Regular dialogues commenced and a transformational gateway opened. I was given to view them without their disabilities in a realm of light. I was shown their unique call, their mysterious wisdom, their powerful presence, and their compelling message for humanity. I was taught that they—along with all those who suffer profound disabilities—are here to expand our entire human potential. It is in this that my sacred work with Quinn and Shale begins.


Our Message

Coleman-Family-107-cropThe mastery of conscious communication beyond veils—and the creation of a world who knows its eternal birthright—is within our grasp. In the hope of sacred expansion, and the expression of it here on Earth, we are moving toward a great new opening. It is my entire work to raise the power of hope and propulsion on our planet and to enliven a New Dawn. To restore our availabilities for Divine reception—that communication beyond the bounds of mortal limits, to bring primordial memory back again and to lift the gate of human enlightenment. As a Leader, I joyfully guide others to the knowledge of their eternal identity, divine heritage, and potential. I also gather teachers and healers from various regions – creating communities. As a Healer, I mentor and invite all to higher walks, replenishing their hope stores and sharing insights of their spiritual gifts and capacities. I teach the sacred attributes that are inherent in all people: wisdom, Divine access, foreknowledge, intuition, vision, and compassion. Every message I share is brought spontaneously through the veil; I am not trained by people, I am taught by the Divine. I do not match my message to any existing master. I am non-denominational and politically neutral.

Hope is the bright impulse of this entire work—it is the dawning anthem of our soul’s primeval chant. Hope has the power to move men’s souls. Heaven and Earth are one household—one pure place we can access at any time. It is available now, to each one of us, right here where we are. In this Hope, my sons and I speak to the world.



About LeeAnn Taylor

LEEANN TAYLOR, spiritual leader, healer, and author, is the mother of five children including three who were born with autism and Fragile X syndrome – a genetic disorder manifesting in profound mental impairment. LeeAnn brings hope, clarity, and connection with the Divine to provide insights into the higher capacities, spiritual attributes and origins of all people. With her extraordinary ability to see beyond the veil, she delivers a message of hope and light, while gathering and inspiring leaders, teachers, healers, and seekers of enlightenment. She is the author of The Fragile Face of God, which shares her journey from despair and tragedy to hope and miracles. LeeAnn’s upcoming book Heavenly Messages from Earth — scheduled for release in 2018 — chronicles her extraordinary entrance into communication with her sons’ spirits and their reveal of the eternal realm. Through her periodical publication The Sacred Letter and her inspired online community, LeeAnn brings sacred dialogues and higher teachings to the mainstream. Connect with LeeAnn.

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