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Mentoring Sessions with LeeAnn


As a MENTORING client of LeeAnn Taylor, she will see into your past, your future, and your eternal agreements. She will speak with the Divine, your angelic guides, your departed loved ones, and the spirit in you. She will see the higher role you are here to create, and she will reveal the new place of your becoming.

LeeAnn does this with pure love and absolute clarity. Book your 40-minute Mentoring experience. Please use the calendar to schedule your mentoring session with LeeAnn.




“It is in their highest form that I see all of my clients. For this reason, Mentoring is my most beloved work.”

Serving as a loving bridge between both worlds, LeeAnn brings clear messages and life-affirming vision to her recipients in every MENTORING session. She is a direct divine emissary for her clients, challenging them to their high potential and opening their view to the elegant hope arriving here, now, on our planet. She is a light fit for evolutionary engagement with Divinity and Humanity.

The world’s weight can feel heavy and the help of Heaven distant. Our knowing of a higher plan can be obscured by many factors throughout our mortal life. In the grace of Heaven’s generosity, however, peace and answers are at hand.

What Happens During a Mentoring Session?

In this 40-minute Mentoring experience, LeeAnn pierces the veil of heaven and brings through loving messages, including:

  • Communication with angel guides, departed loved ones, unborn children, and the spirits of the non-verbal profoundly disabled
  • Insights into one’s life mission and purpose
  • Details relating to one’s pre-mortal identity
  • One’s defining spiritual attributes and gifts
  • Specific steps to transcend one’s challenges and walk a higher path
  • Clarity, Peace, and Hope

This unique, healing help requires focused effort and commitment on the part of the individual being mentored.  Mentoring is truly a sacred collaboration.  LeeAnn is not a psychologist, coach, or counselor, and she does not prefer the term medium or psychic. She simply works with Angels, Light, and the Divine in an embrace of pure love.

*Note: All times noted are Pacific Standard Time


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Additional information will be sent to you via email following your booked session. Please email with questions.