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Spiritual Apprenticeship


Divine access is a pure place available to each of us.

The reach of a Divine hand extends to all. Yet where do we begin accessing it? And how do we engage? Most people believe that spiritual aptitudes are for the gifted, yet I teach that we are all heirs. SPIRITUAL APPRENTICESHIP is a transformative series of Courses inspired to provide the tools and doorways of these bright new frontiers. It is sacred ground for higher learning. In this engaging classroom, I lead participants in flexing their own inherent spiritual muscles including the innate capacity for intuition, vision, communication beyond the veil, and spiritual gifts. I share my sacred writings, reveal the true nature of the Divine, and guide learners to begin their own sacred writing and divine communications. A beautiful active experience, SPIRITUAL APPRENTICESHIP brings each learner to a helm of higher hope and knowledge. Series includes 5 Courses, each approximately 4 hours in length, with corresponding sacred curriculum.

Series includes 5 Courses, each approximately 4 hours in length, with corresponding sacred curriculum.

COURSE 1: “The Divine Invitation” In this beautiful opening to Apprenticeship, we learn the foundation of transcendence, a new form of prayer, primordial devotion, spirit communion, and the pinnacles of loving connectedness.  $150  Approx 4 hours

COURSE 2: “The Heart & Higher Reception” In our next sublime gateway, we learn how to establish a sacred space, chart the higher meaning of color, receive the varied forms of divine communication including messages and visions, and implement the powerful practice of sacred writing.  $150  Approx 4 hours

COURSE 3: “Becoming New” Moving to a more advanced stage, we awaken the evolutionary soul, learn the elemental principles of Creation and Eternal Intelligence, and receive a look into the Language of Light—Heaven’s ancient written language.  $150  Approx 4 hours

COURSE 4: “Into the Mysteries” This unique higher session begins with a personal sacred letter from the Divine written to each Apprentice. We then move spontaneously through the Veil to learn the origins of Light, God, Truth, Man, Woman, Earth, and eternal expansion.  $150  Approx 4 hours

COURSE 5: “The Illumination of Truth & Wisdom” This exhilarating final session applies our knowledge hands-on as we delve into visioning, divining the elements, and exploring our ancient heritage of creative power.  $150  Approx 4 hours