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The Integret

Prerequisite: SPIRITUAL APPRENTICESHIP Courses 1-5 or extensive study with LeeAnn Taylor

Our lives carry infinite promise of expansion. This comes alive in a deepening of higher knowledge. In THE INTEGRET, a sacred learning forum for graduates of Spiritual Apprenticeship, we inquire and conduct this higher knowledge through the veil. This is an active group, a diviner’s playground and scholar’s launch pad where we entreat the Divine in a collaborative engagement of new truth. Each session begins with group Mentoring where I give clarity to the personal needs and concerns of every Integret, clearing the way for pure availability. We then pose a group question to the Divine and receive answers, leading us to further inquire and reveal more answers. To date, we have revealed unrecorded historical events, new breakthroughs in upcoming world technologies, civilizations with highly advanced spiritual records, and insights into the New Dawn Era of humanity. Together, we conduct a powerful prayer, sending light and healing to all areas of the world.

THE INTEGRET is the creator’s laboratory and breakthrough destination of every impassioned high learner.

Upcoming Trimester:

June – August 2020 (Offered Live & Virtually)

6 sessions per Trimester, approximately 2 hours in length

All sessions are recorded so if you miss a session, you will still have access to the recordings.

Summer 2020 Integret Trimester Payment Options

Pay in Full for All Integret Classes – $600


Subscribe – Pay $100 Every Two Weeks (Total of $600 is Paid)