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Description: Each of us has a direct link to divine guidance, a place to turn to for help and healing. We can access it at any time. SACRED WRITING SHOWERS are a celebration of this divine communication. Sacred Writing is the practice of conversing with Heaven in written form. Who speaks to us? The Divine, angels, guides, and departed loved ones. Twice a month, we meet to deepen our Sacred Writing skills in a kind, supportive space. The messages received here are kind and personal, grounded in love, wisdom, and oneness, keeping the line between Heaven and Earth strong.

Attendees arrive willing to hear what the Divine has for them to know. I then begin the session with a prompt question for the group. One may also choose to ask their own question. For 20 minutes, we write independently; I gently facilitate those who need guided help. Upon the end of the writing task, we share excerpts from our given messages with the group. In this way there is union and solidarity, an affirmation for the sweet expansion of all. A beautiful group prayer finishes the blessed event.

SACRED WRITING SHOWERS are open to the public and are held Monday evenings monthly. They are also streamed virtually for those not local.

Cost: FREE

To attend, email LeeAnn and you will be sent a link with more information.