Writer of Heavenly Music – April 11, 2010

| | Writer of Heavenly Music – April 11, 2010

Writer of Heavenly Music – April 11, 2010

In this elaborate message from the Divine, I am invited to write a kind of “song” that directs these inspired words as its content:

Divine: Take this pen and bring forward a song like unto one such song as becomes a writer of heavenly music. Perceive a melody of heightened favor among truths and scripted distinction among holy angels as sung in the heavens. This becomes one which is of me and I will bring such offerings to my chamber where all will receive of my blessings like rain of a summer dew and choice brought forward to dispel the darkness—it brings with it the joyous charge that shifts all perceptions into a stark realization of inner rejoicing and outer elations.

Take this pen and design a song which lasts beyond the realms of outer hope and inner conflict; which reaches further than perceived by human eyes and can lift the lowliest dreamer to heights of trust which send angelic dialogues upward to Heaven’s gate as found in chambers most rare. This receives its ideal from choicest happenings such as celebrations divine and mappings serene which send forth clarity from beyond the chair of Heaven’s scepter and excel it upward from destitution to despair to utter bliss where is found my holy gesture beckoning another to receive:“Come, receive.”

Take this pen and receive now as time stretches onward to belie such achievements into one choice description which messenger you are becoming. Now send your song upward in holy vibrations which mend together with seldom-expressed elations by which others may know of such destinies approved on high.

Take this pen and receive you this song which makes war to cease under its powerful echo and nations to stand before God’s bar of truth where is found Heaven’s lightenment as upon swift wings of choice she flies upward, ever upward as brings to just apprehensions a swift demise and to lonely disagreement a truer decision whereby one may send upon such error just acceptance of higher elevations of themselves, to bring further enlightenment upon the human race as belongs to holy tribute.

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About the Author:

LEEANN TAYLOR, spiritual leader, healer, and author, is the mother of five children including three who were born with autism and Fragile X syndrome – a genetic disorder manifesting in profound mental impairment. LeeAnn brings hope, clarity, and connection with the Divine to provide insights into the higher capacities, spiritual attributes and origins of all people. With her extraordinary ability to see beyond the veil, she delivers a message of hope and light, while gathering and inspiring leaders, teachers, healers, and seekers of enlightenment. She is the author of The Fragile Face of God, which shares her journey from despair and tragedy to hope and miracles. LeeAnn’s upcoming book Heavenly Messages from Earth -- scheduled for release in 2018 -- chronicles her extraordinary entrance into communication with her sons' spirits and their reverend of the eternal realm. Through her periodical publication The Sacred Letter and her inspired online community, LeeAnn brings sacred dialogues and higher teachings to the mainstream. Connect with LeeAnn.

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