Love, Trust, Truth, Practice – May 1, 2010

| | Love, Trust, Truth, Practice – May 1, 2010

Love, Trust, Truth, Practice – May 1, 2010

In this message from the Divine, I am given a simple format teaching me about the principles of Hope, Truth, Trust, and Practice, and how they are related.

Divine: Mighty endeavors come by way of hope. Hope = lasting truth.

Truth comes by way of might endeavors. Mighty endeavors = lasting focus.

Focus comes by way of practice. Practice = truly miraculous.

Miracles come by way of acting. Acting = just to believe.

Belief comes by way of trust. Trust lies at the heart of all manifestation. Believe that trust, then act on it. It must be believed first, then acted upon. This is the way of Heaven.

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About the Author:

LEEANN TAYLOR, spiritual leader, healer, and author, is the mother of five children including three who were born with autism and Fragile X syndrome – a genetic disorder manifesting in profound mental impairment. LeeAnn brings hope, clarity, and connection with the Divine to provide insights into the higher capacities, spiritual attributes and origins of all people. With her extraordinary ability to see beyond the veil, she delivers a message of hope and light, while gathering and inspiring leaders, teachers, healers, and seekers of enlightenment. She is the author of The Fragile Face of God, which shares her journey from despair and tragedy to hope and miracles. LeeAnn’s upcoming book Heavenly Messages from Earth -- scheduled for release in 2018 -- chronicles her extraordinary entrance into communication with her sons' spirits and their reverend of the eternal realm. Through her periodical publication The Sacred Letter and her inspired online community, LeeAnn brings sacred dialogues and higher teachings to the mainstream. Connect with LeeAnn.


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