Heavenly Garden of Flowers – May 17, 2011

| | Heavenly Garden of Flowers – May 17, 2011

Heavenly Garden of Flowers – May 17, 2011

In this visit to a heavenly garden, I am shown the flowers that grow there and their meaning. My guide here is Carolyn, an “ancient” who takes me to sacred realms in the spirit world.

I enter a hillside garden landscape with profuse amounts of flowers—unique and diverse colors and shapes. Carolyn tells me, “The garden of Life is a Temple of Creation.” This refers to all gardens that abound on Earth or in higher realms. This particular garden that I am visiting belongs to the “Son,” I am told.

Of the first things I notice are the enormous bees! I find this peculiar, but I am given to understand they are not harmful here in this realm, they do not have stingers. They are unusually large in comparison to the bees I am used to seeing, perhaps three inches long. They are dark, like bumble bees, and they appear to be pollinating the flowers here. I understand they are “giving.” Each creation gives to all. They are all giving here. Each blossom sings. All are in perfect harmony or synchronized with each other. There is a resonant, soft hum or vibration that creates the music I am hearing. It sounds wonderful and very soothing. These blossoms and bees, and everything in this garden, are alive and feel so happy to be giving! It’s like a perfect community.

I am told that each of these flowers represents one of us: humans on Earth—a floral version of us, with a name and particular attributes to embody each one of us here. This includes those who are alive today and each one who has ever lived on our planet. We are uniquely and individually beloved here in this garden where we all have a place.

My attention is then drawn to a distinct large flower that resembles an enormous lily. Its petals are velvety, long, dark maroon, with deep green tendrils inside and ochre-orange colored pollen in the center. It has a song for me; it is a female flower. Yes, these flowers all have a gender. The unusual beauty of this flower is exquisite and I perceive it has a higher position in this garden than all the others. She is identified as the favorite of the Son, I am told. She represents his beloved eternal bride. Her name in this garden is “Elia.”

I am told that all of us will produce gardens in the afterlife; a high privilege to teach us important realizations: that of stewardship, loving care and nurturance, and devotion. Each of us will have a garden, as we desire, when we reach the other side. In cultivating our divine gardens, we become more pure and we learn to advance other beings under our care. This benefits the whole—all of Creation—and prepares us for the next stage of our eternal evolution.

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LEEANN TAYLOR, spiritual leader, healer, and author, is the mother of five children including three who were born with autism and Fragile X syndrome – a genetic disorder manifesting in profound mental impairment. LeeAnn brings hope, clarity, and connection with the Divine to provide insights into the higher capacities, spiritual attributes and origins of all people. With her extraordinary ability to see beyond the veil, she delivers a message of hope and light, while gathering and inspiring leaders, teachers, healers, and seekers of enlightenment. She is the author of The Fragile Face of God, which shares her journey from despair and tragedy to hope and miracles. LeeAnn’s upcoming book Heavenly Messages from Earth -- scheduled for release in 2018 -- chronicles her extraordinary entrance into communication with her sons' spirits and their reverend of the eternal realm. Through her periodical publication The Sacred Letter and her inspired online community, LeeAnn brings sacred dialogues and higher teachings to the mainstream. Connect with LeeAnn.

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