Sacred Hopi Retreat “Grand Plantings”

| | Sacred Hopi Retreat “Grand Plantings”
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To attend, all participants must be Apprentice graduates and be trained. Learn more about our Apprenticeship program.

In the spring and fall, I meet on the sacred Arizona Mesas to lead plantings with the Hopi—an opportunity to feel the ancient alive in the present. As a group, we share, feast, plant, and unite in common with the indigenous people to bless their land and their villages. From watching the dawn rise and receiving sacred letters from Heaven to breaking bread with the indigenous Clans and planting hope in their community, we set our foot on many engagements of higher expansion.

Heal, explore, break bread. Leave worries and stresses behind. Fire with majestic hope. And lead a divine dance.

For more information, please contact LeeAnn.