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25 11, 2016

Heavenly Garden of Flowers – May 17, 2011

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In this visit to a heavenly garden, I am shown the flowers that grow there and their meaning. My guide here is Carolyn, an “ancient” who takes me to sacred realms in the spirit world. I enter a hillside garden landscape with profuse amounts of flowers—unique and diverse colors and shapes. Carolyn tells me, “The garden of Life is a Temple of Creation.” This refers to all gardens that abound on Earth or in higher realms. This particular garden that I am visiting belongs to the “Son,” I am told. Of the first things I notice are the enormous bees! I find this peculiar, but I am given to understand they are not harmful here in this realm, they do not have stingers. They are unusually large in comparison to the bees I am used to seeing, perhaps three inches long. They are dark, like bumble bees, and they appear to be pollinating [...]

25 11, 2016

Simply Trust – May 6, 2010

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This excerpt is from a message given to teach me how to simply trust. Divine: Listen and know that you are sent to first believe, and then to trust, and then to give, and then to receive. . . . So believe and know, and trust and go, for where it is you are sent will be where it is you are meant.

22 11, 2016

Love, Trust, Truth, Practice – May 1, 2010

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In this message from the Divine, I am given a simple format teaching me about the principles of Hope, Truth, Trust, and Practice, and how they are related. Divine: Mighty endeavors come by way of hope. Hope = lasting truth. Truth comes by way of might endeavors. Mighty endeavors = lasting focus. Focus comes by way of practice. Practice = truly miraculous. Miracles come by way of acting. Acting = just to believe. Belief comes by way of trust. Trust lies at the heart of all manifestation. Believe that trust, then act on it. It must be believed first, then acted upon. This is the way of Heaven.

22 11, 2016

Love and Closeness of our Higher Heavenly Help – April 28, 2010

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This dialogue with the Divine was a very special experience—teaching me the profound availability, love, and closeness of our higher heavenly help. Me: What would you have me know? Divine: Shhh, what do you hear? Me: Man going back and forth upon this world. He is busy, in a hurry, going somewhere. Divine: Listen closely. What do you hear? Me: There is a vibration he does not hear, all across the Earth. Divine: What more do you hear? Me: Voices, angry, shouting, sad, questioning, crying out to be heard. Divine: From whom? Me: Men, your children. Divine: Are they listening? Me: They think or believe they are not heard. Divine: Do they hear one calling out for them? Me: No, it’s like they’re in an empty room, alone. Divine: But are they? Me: If you were to pull back the veil, you would see multitudes of angels standing beside them. They are not [...]

22 11, 2016

Writer of Heavenly Music – April 11, 2010

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In this elaborate message from the Divine, I am invited to write a kind of “song” that directs these inspired words as its content: Divine: Take this pen and bring forward a song like unto one such song as becomes a writer of heavenly music. Perceive a melody of heightened favor among truths and scripted distinction among holy angels as sung in the heavens. This becomes one which is of me and I will bring such offerings to my chamber where all will receive of my blessings like rain of a summer dew and choice brought forward to dispel the darkness—it brings with it the joyous charge that shifts all perceptions into a stark realization of inner rejoicing and outer elations. Take this pen and design a song which lasts beyond the realms of outer hope and inner conflict; which reaches further than perceived by human eyes and can lift the lowliest dreamer [...]

22 11, 2016

Grandma’s Message – April 4, 2010

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Here is a wise message from the spirit of my maternal grandmother, Dorothy, in reference to her arrival in the light realm following her death: Grandma: Because I love everyone, it has been easier to accept what they’re teaching me. Someone who has not been friendly in their life does not have the wherewithal to believe these kinds of teachings here (in Heaven). They are based on kindness and love and free agency—something few of us learn on Earth. So be mindful of your kindness toward others, it’s important. . . . Be careful to always appreciate the people in your life that you may become wiser in their friendship and in their life; to help them and help steer them in the right direction. Be mindful of the lasting impression you have on people—it is great and can take the place of their own wisdom sometimes. These are things I’ve learned so [...]

22 11, 2016

Shale’s Great Love – April 3, 2010

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This message is from the spirit of my disabled son, Shale, describing his great love for others: Shale: Though I need no concrete reason to love, it just comes natural to me. I love all with a favor that is righteous to behold. This means I am beholden to others by my love for them all and this I find pleasant, for it is cherishable to love so many and to see them in this love. It brightens me greatly, significantly, as now I move into brighter experiences through my own choosing, through you, Mother, and your journey.    

22 11, 2016

Creation of Humanity and our planet Earth – February 22, 2010

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This dialogue is sparked by my intrigue with the creation of humanity on our planet Earth. LeeAnn: What of the teachings of evolution as man’s origin? Of Adam and Eve? Divine: This will I make clear: that once man became one with me in a garden of paradise upon a sphere of light. Now he walks in darkness upon a sphere of his own making where rare beauties abound, but where the pure love of God isn’t to be found. Upon this sphere have come prehistoric creatures crawling and creeping in swamps and ice. They came as I sent them into the world to conquer the elements, that a strong face of strength would be upon this surface to bind man to his eternal stewardship of one with a mighty power upon which would prevail creatures of varied deviation and diverse origin. This I tell you now, that men are not origined from [...]