All Things – November 7, 2016

| | All Things – November 7, 2016

All Things – November 7, 2016

This is a message given to me at one of my Sacred Writing Showers where I teach groups to learn to hear the Divine voice and receive messages of their own. The prompt question was “What is a witness that came recently that there is divinity?”

Divine: See and hear and know that all things are showing and revealing of a God. There is no uncreated evidence, nor measure of any item that is not a form of what God has powered; He, by man—He by angels—He by the entrance of all manifestation does bring all, everyone into aware.

Me: Was my gift of sleep patterns and heightened energy over the weekend a witness?

Divine: Yes, they were. Now know they are a revelation of an exact requirement sent by YOUR will. So you did speak, and thus received. Now know you were trusting that it would be given, and it was. Now know you RELIED on that. And so it realized. It is so.

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